CLOSO produces data for academic accreditation.

Who needs it?

Chairpersons and instructors of academic programs in Science, Engineering and Management, who analyze and evaluate the learning outcomes of students for improving the quality of education and for preparing self-study reports for accreditation.

How does it help the instructors?

CLOSO saves the instructor's time drastically and makes the evaluation of assessment data and preparation of course files easy, error-free and enjoyable. Bar charts show grade distribution for each learning outcome. Final grade distribution is converted to "Bell shape" with a click of the mouse.

How does it help the chairpersons and accreditation coordinators?

CLOSO is like "eyes" for chairpersons, accreditation coordinators and all administrators who aim to improve the quality of education in academic programs. It gives them all the information to spot the weaknesses and make decisions to improve the learning outcomes.